We draw on the professional tools of evaluation to help clients in the pursuit of excellence. Since 1989 we have used mentoring, modelling and measurement to help clients grow and learn. We define evaluation as ‘the art of asking provocative questions’. What are your organisation’s most provocative and transformational questions?

Are you searching for a way to model what is special about your project or organisation? To capture and communicate internal learning? To conceptualise and measure intangibles like creativity, quality of experience, resilience, wellbeing, leadership, empowerment, or cultural change? To review training, service delivery, grant making, advocacy or creative programmes and benchmark against best practice? To develop lean and meaningful performance measurement systems?

We use techniques from Scientific Realism, Personal Construct Theory and Neurolinguistic Programming to create systems of thinking, measuring and reflecting that are systematic, contextual and useful.


What others say about us:

“Annabel has been an extraordinary friend, coach and mentor to Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning over the past few years. She is a rare example of someone truly able to translate ‘vision and mission’ into practical deliverables that remain true to both the values of those instigating it, as well as the needs of those for whom the idea is designed to benefit.  Her empathy with deeper, longer term organisational thinking and ability to create clear and resilient frameworks out of this for learning and measurement has played a crucial in the development of our work.  Annabel is a wonderful person to work with and I would highly recommend her!”

Sean Gregory, Director, Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning

“Annabel provided an extremely thorough and comprehensive evaluation report for a complex programme of activities that spanned four major UK arts organisations and also several organisations based in China. I was particularly impressed by the speed in which she was able to fully understand our needs and the varied components of the programme. The report provided high-quality content and data that will prove extremely valuable, not only for those directly involved with the programme but wider bodies such as the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Everyone involved with the programme commented on how much they enjoyed working with Annabel and I very much hope to work with her again in the future.”

Clare Tomlinson, Senior Project Manager in the Department of International Engagement, British Museum

“External evaluation has become a key element of the International Training Programme (ITP).  Being able to demonstrate our successes and to have a firm foundation on which to build is essential to the development of the ITP and our commitment to continued growth. 

AJA have helped us create consistent and relevant evaluations systems for the ITP and Annabel has been an excellent sounding board for the development of the Programme.   Her enthusiasm for the arts and cultural heritage are essential for a full understanding and appreciation of the impact of the Programme and for the creation of a robust and constructive reporting process.”

Claire Messenger, Manager, International Training Programme, The British Museum

“We are committed to evaluation because it allows us to recognize and celebrate our success and improve our practice. Finding an evaluator who shares that commitment is important to us. Therefore we feel lucky to have found Annabel Jackson Associates who match their understanding of arts projects with an understanding of how to encapsulate them in a palatable way. Their bespoke approach results in a measured, honest report that strengthens what you do in future. I would recommend them highly.”

Steve Winter, Director Old Vic New Voices (OVNV), London

“AJA has an ability to very quickly understand the needs of an organisation. Imaginative and innovative. Very effective at engaging individuals and organisations.”

Diane Hebb, The Arts Council of Wales

“Over the course of two projects, AJA has made a real contribution to the development of the AHRC’s approach to impact evaluation.”

Chris Walker, AHRC.

“I first worked with Annabel at Community Fund, and found her approach refreshingly enthusiastic in what can be a dry area generally. I have worked with her on a number of issues relating to the DPOWMFs spend out strategy, and always found her a beacon of clarity in unpacking complex issues and re-framing them in ways that allow different audiences to grasp the tasks at hand and the big picture..Annabel always knows the right questions to ask, and brings a good balance of authoritativeness and flexibility to evaluation issues.”

Samantha Rennie, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund

“Amazing depth and breadth of experience that can help a wide range of organizations. Her passion for evaluation is felt by all who meet and work with her. It is the combination of her experience and passion that enable arts leaders to love evaluation rather than fear it.”

Russell Willis Taylor, National Arts Strategies, Washington

“AJA has excellent expertise and conceptualization skills. They are quick to respond to new work priorities and clients needs.”

Delphine Guillemoteau, RISE